Complete Beginner's Guide to Songwriting

How to write great songs and master the fundamentals of songwriting. Write your first ever song today!

Have you always wanted to write your own song but have absolutely no idea where to start?

Have you tried to write a song but were just guessing the whole time about what to play?

Do you get frustrated because no matter what you play it just doesn't sound quite right?

Maybe you've written a song or two that you're happy with, but you're looking for ways to take your writing to the next level?

If you've answered "YES!" to any of these questions, then this course will knock you off your feet.

This course is a 1h15m, densely packed, step-by-step guide that will lead you to writing countless great songs. It will give you a formula you can use over and over again to create chord progressions that you love and just can't stop playing. You'll learn the exact approach to songwriting that all the greats use, and I will show you how easy it really is to write a good song.

You'll learn what chords go well together in both major and minor keys and which ones to avoid
, and to help you along with the writing process, there's many examples of famous hits to show you it in great practice.

By the end of the course I promise that you will have a great understanding of chord harmony, and that you'll be able to write the songs you've always wanted to compose.

If you can't write a song that you're happy with within 30 days of purchasing this course, then I will gladly give you a full refund of your money. But I'm not too worried, as you'll likely be able to write a song after just the first few lessons!

Here's just a small part of what you'll learn:

  • Harmony
  • Writing in both Major and minor keys
  • Which chords work together & which don't
  • Many famous song examples
  • Music Theory
  • How to write using scales
  • Chord extensions
  • Tabs/scores included for every lesson
The lessons taught in this course took me years of study and practice, however it doesn't have to take you that long. And that's why I created this course, because I want you to be able to write songs that you're happy with, within a tiny fraction of the time it took me.

What others say:

"This has answered a lot of questions I had floating around in my head for years. thank you!" (Jeff Bradford)

So what are you waiting for?

Worst case - you don't like the course and get a full refund.

Best case - you're left feeling completely inspired and being able to write like you've always wanted to.

I'll be there to help you along at any stage and very happy to answer any of your questions.

Remember, there's nothing to lose with a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

Sign up now and become the writer you've always wanted to be.


Recording has begun to add new sections to this course, and by the end of 2018 this it will cover in great detail: 

  • how to add fingerpicking to your songwriting
  • How to write great melodies
  • Rhythm
  • How to craft perfect intros, verses, chorus etc...
  • Deep musical theory/concepts to turn your chord progressions into works of art.
With all this added content to come the price will inevitably increase, so sign up today to save yourself the money!

Intended Audience: People wanting to learn how to write great songs

It ALL Starts with the Major Scale
How Do We Build Chords?
All The Chords in C Major
Let's Start Writing!
C Major's Biggest Hits
G Major Scale
G Major Harmonised
G Major progressions
G Major famous songs
D Major Scale
D Major Scale Harmonised
D Major Scale Progressions
D Major Famous Songs
A Minor Scale
A Minor Scale harmonised
A Minor Progressions
A Minor Songs
7th Chords
7th Chords progressions
Sus Chords (Part 1)
Sus Chords (Part 2)
Slash Chords
Add9th Chords (part 1)
Add9th Chords (part 2)
Fingerpicking (Part 1)
Fingerpicking (Part 2)
Fingerpicking (Part 3)
Melody (part 1)
Melody (part 2)
Melody (part 3)
Melody (part 4)
Melody (part 5)

What's included

  • 33 Video Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Six String Fingerpicking


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I'm an acoustic guitarist/professional music teacher, welcome to my fingerstyle guitar school. The courses I've created are for people that are brand new to fingerpicking or players that want to advance their technique. These courses will allow you to play any fingerpicking song with the correct fingering. Ultimately, I want to help you become the fingerstyle guitarist you've always wanted to be!